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Main Menus in Speed Burst.

I've finished designing and creating most of the main menus for Speed Burst! The designs may change throughout development, but they will likely stay mostly the same. The main menu has a few options. New Game, which is pretty self-explanatory. Continue, which will continue the game from your most recent save slot. Load Game, which will allow you to load the game from any previous save slots. Tutorials, which will allow you to play through a few tutorials and help you understand the controls and how to play. Settings, which will allow you to customize your graphics and a few other things. Credits, which will obviously allow you to view the credits. And finally, Quit, which is also fairly self explanatory.

Speed Burst Main Menu

In the main settings, you can change your window mode, resolution, and frame rate. You can also go to the graphics and audio settings from this menu.

Speed Burst Settings

In the graphics settings, you can change many things related to your graphics so that you can run the game while still having it run well. The five options for your graphics are low, medium, high, epic, and ultra. You can also use the recommended settings, which will automatically choose the most optimized graphics settings for your machine.

Speed Burst Graphics

I still have yet to make the audio settings, save/load, and tutorials as I'm waiting until a little bit farther into development to create these. Now, I'm moving on to the level design. Once I've created the very first mission, I will add in a pause screen that will include the ability to save your game. With the creation of these menus the game feels just that much more complete, I can't wait to show off the actual level designs!

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