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I Fought the Law

The mission design for "I Fought the Law" has been completed! This is the last, and biggest, mission in Act 1. The mission starts with you simply visiting the school but ends in the first big fight, along with the first boss fight of the game.

Speed Burst Big Police Fight

There is also a stealth section in this mission. Failing most of the stealth sections within the game will typically result in a fight from the enemy that sees you. However, this section is slightly unique as you must sneak past civilians. Each person that spots you during this stealth section will result in a harder fight later on in the mission. It's also important to note that your ultimate ability will be introduced in this section. Your ultimate will allow you to slow down time, either to defeat your enemies more quickly, dodge fast attacks, or walk past enemies at a speed that is too fast for them to see.

As this was the last mission in Act 1, I just have to do some bug fixes to insure the game is running smoothly, add some more details to the maps, and then add the leveling system and mini map and Act 1 will be fully completed! Once I finish with that, I'll start working on a small gameplay teaser for the game.

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