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List of (Almost) All the Skills!

Now that I've finally finished all of the current skills in Speed Burst, I figured now would be a good time to briefly explain what they all do! I'll explain each ability from every catagory, starting from the top and moving down to the bottom. Keep in mind that there is also no order in which you have to unlock any of the skills. Apart from the last coloumn, you can unlock any skill at any time (assuming you have a skill point to spend).

Started with the melee branch we have:

  • Rapid Punch - Jeremy unleashes 4 super speed punches in rapid succession, ending with a small knockback hit.

  • Dash Punch - Jeremy dashes straight forward, hitting all enemies in his path and dealing extra damage on a direct hit.

  • Electric Knockback - Jeremy unleashes a powerful electric force, knocking all nearby enemies back and dealing slight damage.

  • Electrick Shock - Jeremy unleashes an electric shockwave, stunning all nearby enemies and dealing slight damage.

  • Shocking Grasp - Jeremy shoots out a short burst of electricity, dealing massive damage to a single target.

In the ranged branch we have:

  • Time Slow - While aiming, Jeremy uses his speed to slightly slow down time.

  • Charge Ranged - While aiming, Jeremy will charge up his ranged attack, dealing extra damage (depending on the amount of time spent charging) on his attack.

  • Hold Ranged - While aiming, holding down the attack button will now allow Jeremy to shoot out a short continuous lightning bolt, dealing damage and stunning the enemy it is currently hitting.

  • Rapid Lightning - While aiming, pressing down the middle mouse button will now allow Jeremy to shoot out a burst of three lightning bolts at his target.

  • Tornado - An alternate ranged attack that allows Jeremy to shoot out a minaturized tornado, knocking away enemies in its path.

In the defense branch we have:

  • Block Counter - Quickly attacking after sucessfully blocking an attack will unleash a powerful attack that deals moderate damage and stuns the enemy for a short time.

  • Dodge Counter - Quickly attacking after performing a dodge unleashes a small electric shockwave, dealing moderate damage and stunning all enemies in the area.

  • Dodge Invulnerability - After a dodge, you will have a short period of invulnerability.

  • Speed Heal - Jeremy learns the ability to gain rapid healing, allowing you to regenerate your health.

  • Electric Shield - Jeremy learns the ability to summon an electric shield, blocking all incoming damage.

In the speed branch we have:

  • Cardio - Thanks to his immense cardio training, Jeremy's speed bar has been increased!

  • Speedier Burst - Thanks to his training, Jeremy will now be able to run 1.5x as fast!

  • Regenerate - Jeremy learns to steady his breathing, allowing your speed energy to slowly regenerate while not in use.

  • Enhanced Inhaler - Jeremy learns to use his inhaler more effeciently, allowing you to regenerate 1.5x the speed energy when reloading!

  • Overcharge - Jeremy gains better control of his energy. Using any speed skill with full energy enhances the power of that skill!

And finally, in the ultimate branch we have:

  • Longer Ultimate - Jeremy gains further mastery of his powers. Your ultimate now drains slower!

  • Faster Charge - Jeremy gains further mastery of his powers. Your ultimate now recharges faster!

  • Ultimate Damage - Jeremy takes full advantage of his ultimate ability. You now do more damage while your ultimate is active!

  • Lightning Storm - Jeremy gains mastery of the sky. Unlocks an alternate ultimate that unleashes a powerful lightning storm, damaging all enemies around you.

  • Unlimited Power - Jeremy gains complete control of his power. Unlocks an alternate ultimate that grants you unlimited speed energy.

Some of these skills, names, or descriptions, may change in the future. But for now, they are all fully completed and implemented in the game. You may notice that the last branch is still locked. I'm not quite ready to reveal this branch yet, as it's something that you will unlock after progressing a good amount into the game. Now I'll move onto the last bug testing and optimization I have to do for Act 1, before moving on to the new maps, enemies, and level designs you'll encounter in the second act of the game.

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