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Super Abilities in Speed Burst

I just finished making the main super ability in Speed Burst so now seemed like a good time to talk a little bit about abilities! I won't fully talk about the abilities I have planned since I haven't fully implemented them yet so things may change but I will say that as of now I have 7 planned abilities (including the super) along with a couple alts for the super ability! Things may change throughout development though so that number may change. You gain abilities by leveling up and using skill points to unlock them. Currently, 30 is the planned level cap (there are much more passive skills than abilities). With your main super ability you can gain the power to slow down time. You can use this time to defeat your enemies, recharge your speed bar, or even use other abilities on top of your super! You'll have to time when you use your super well however, as it will take a while to recharge.

Speed Burst Jeremy

Next up I'll be working on the very first boss fight! I'm going to keep this fight secret for a while however, and its the last big addition I have to make for the first act so I may not post a lot of new gameplay screenshots for a while. But I will keep updating on the games development by posting what I'm working on in the development section along with making these posts talking more about the game! And when I'm done with the first act, I think development will be far enough along to be posting some gameplay clips as well.

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