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Development Progress 

Speed Burst is currently being developed with Unreal Engine 5 and is in the pre-alpha stage. That means there's still a lot to be done before release, but here you can check out everything that is done, what I'm currently working on, and everything I still have to do before release.


Please note that all in game footage is pre-alpha and should not be taken as the finished product


Speed Burst Idle Animation
  • Script
  • Basic Animations​​​​
Speed Burst Walking Animation
  • Basic Movement System
Speed Burst Combat Animation
  • Basic Combat System
Speed Burst Punching Animation
  • Basic Health/Damage system
Speed Burst Running Animation
  • Basic Speed/sprint system
Jeremy Stieber Smiling
  • All main characters
Speed Burst School
  • School Map
Speed Burst Jeremy Ray Walk
  • Friendly AI
Speed Burst Jeremy Fight Police
  • Enemy AI
Speed Burst Jeremy Block
  • detailed combat system
Speed Burst Jeremy Running Lightning
  • Visual effects
Speed Burst Bank Outdoor
  • Sound effects
  • Bank Map
  • Super Ability
Speed Burst Ranged Attack
  • First boss fight
  • Ranged Attack
Speed Burst Main Menu
  • mAIN mENU
Speed Burst Settings
  • Customizable Settings
Speed Burst The Beginning Beat Up Guy
  • "the Beginning" Mission
Speed Burst Pause Screen
  • Pause Menu/Save and Load System
Speed Burst Unlock Your Power
  • "Unlock Your Power" Mission
Speed Burst Stealth
  • Stealth Mechanic
Speed Burst Bank Fight
  • "I fought the Law" Mission
Screenshot (30)_edited.jpg
  • Mini-Map
Screenshot (33).png
  • Updated UI
Screenshot (35)_edited.jpg
  • Levelling System
Screenshot 2023-04-22 165802.png
  • Skill Tree + Abilities

Currently In-Progress

  • Act two Map Design

To do

  • Various Different Open world maps
  • Multiple enemy types
  • Smoother animations
  • Mission designs
  • Cut scenes
  • voice acting
  • music
  • Collectibles system
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