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Ranged Attack Done!

The ranged attack for the game is completed! This will be one of your base moves that you unlock during your first fight! You can use it if you want to keep a distance from your enemies, giving you more time to dodge or block their attacks. But be careful, using the ranged attack consumes a little bit of your speed energy and your enemies are likely to be more effective from a range. This attack will also do minimal damage (about the same as the first punch in your combo) but it can be upgraded using skill points, making it a very useful attack.

Speed Burst Ranged Attack

This is officially the last piece of the first act. Now, all I have to do is put those pieces together. Before I can show off some gameplay clips, I'll still have to work out some bugs, optimize the performance, create the main menu and pause screen, and create the actual missions/level designs. These are all small but necessary steps to make the game that much closer to its completion. Check back here every week for more update posts about the game!

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